Kemikaaliseadusandluse seminar Vilniuses

13-14 juunil toimub Vilniuses Balti regioonile CEFIC kemikaaliseadusandluse workshop:
Päevakord lisatud alljärgnevalt.
Märkus: ekspertideks on Leo Heezen CEFIC-st ja Dr. Gerd-Uwe Spiegel,  Corporate Product Stewardship & Regulatory Senior consultant, Global classification & labeling process owner and Global GHS advocacy coordinator,  DuPont de Nemours (Deutschland) GmbH
Palume järgmise nädala jooksul, hiljemalt 10. maiks ostsustada osavõtt, et saaks lahendada transpordiküsimused.

Time schedule Agenda Item Discussion Leader(s)
12:00 Luncheon (for those who comes earlier)
13:00 1.      Welcome and opening
G Mazunaitis/ALChLE /L Heezen/ Cefic consultant
13:10 2.      Principals of assuring compliance with CLP on a company level: practical examples
National representative
13:50 3.      GHS/CLP classification principles of substances        
G-Uwe Spiegel/DuPont
14:30 Coffee break
14:45 4.      GHS/CLP classification principles of mixtures
G-U Spiegel/DuPont
15:30 5.      Ways to establish good communication
-        in supply chain
-       With competent authorities
L Heezen/Cefic Consultant
G Mazunaitis/ALChLE
16:20 6.      Format and content of SDS – SDS plausibility L Heezen/Cefic Consultant
17:00 Closing day 1
09:00 7.      Protection of company data – Confidential Business Information (CBI) J-C Lahaut/Cefic
09:15 8.      Exposure scenarios and extended SDS (how to draw up; responsibilities of providers and recipients of SDS)
L Heezen/Cefic Consultant
09:50 9.      How to address data quality issues or lack of data (when supplied SDSs or label data isn’t correct) To be covered with  present. 6 and p.10
10:15 10.   HasCom requirements (SDS and label) G-U Spiegel/DuPont
10:30 Coffee break
10:45 11.   Practical advice and examples on how to handle the challenges of GHS/CLP G-U Spiegel/DuPont
11:30 12.   GPS
·         What is GPS
·         Status GPS implementation at global and national level
·         What could be done by companies to comply with GPS commitment
L Heezen/Cefic Consultant
13:00 Closure of the meeting G Mazunaitis/ALChLE /L Heezen/ Cefic consultant

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