REACH autoriseerimist puudutav juhend allkasutajatele


Cefic, koos teiste keemiatööstuse ja allkasutajate ühendustega, on avaldanud uue allkasutajatele suunatud juhendi REACH autoriseerimise kohta. Dokumendis selgitatakse loa andmise protsessi ja allkasutajate kohustusi, mis on seotud aine kandmisega autoriseerimise kandidaatainete loetellu.

Rohkem infot:

The goal of the guidance document is to clarify and give practical tips to downstream users dealing with substances of very high concern (SVHC). Any of these substances identified as SVHC might be added to the "Candidate List” which opens the door for authorisation. From this list, ECHA makes its recommendations to the Commission for SVHCs to be included in Annex XIV, or the "Authorisation List”. Any use of a SVHC included in Annex XIV that is not authorised or exempt from authorisation will be prohibited after the sunset date.
Amaya Jànosi, REACH authorisation/restriction manager at Cefic, comments: "An authorisation dossier should include information provided by all actors of the supply chain. Downstream users have to consider the level of involvement they may need in the authorisation process. Communication remains very important between all actors of the supply chain to ensure the producer is aware that a downstream user is willing to support authorisation and vice-versa, and thus keep the chemical on the market.”
To support companies in preparing their applications for authorisation, ECHA, Cefic and Eurometaux also co-organised a workshop on "Analysing Alternatives and Socio-Economic Impacts in Applications for Authorisation” on October 2-3 in Helsinki. This industry workshop was held back-to-back to an ECHA seminar on the Application for Authorisation.
As a follow-up, Cefic and Eurometaux organised another joint workshop specifically focusing on the REACH organisation process for chromate substances on November 12-13 in Brussels. The workshop aimed to clarify questions from the chromates manufacturing and user sectors and companies on preparing for authorisation applications.
Download the guidance document: (link to be added)

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